Letters 3 – 18 – 2011

Thanks for fighting the good fight

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Just a note from home thanking you for your daily newsletter. I try to read through things every day. I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with our current legislature and governor. It seems every day there is a new proposal to take more money out of the pocket of my business.

Again, thanks for fighting the good fight. You are being heard.

Glenn Eno


Politicians aren’t working on what they campaigned on

During the campaigns in the past several falls the BIG issue was tax relief. Come January it was global warming, the next year it was gay marriage, this year the flavor of the week is assisted suicide. Now their worried about employee break time and day care unionization, and renewable energy in a state that is so BEHIND the curve that it’s pathetic. What planet did the politicians in Montpelier come from? Stop counting the angles on the head of a pin and contemplating you navels and get to the important issues. Little people with little ideas.

Jim Bulmer


Another new tax to watch out for

The House Ways and Means Committee is considering a proposal to increase a health care insurance claims assessment in order to raise state revenue. The current .002% assessment is used to fund health care technology improvements. This proposal would increase the current assessment to between .01% and .013%. The increased assessment is projected to raise more than $10 million, which would be used to fund the state’s Medicaid program.

The cost of the assessment charged on all health insurance claims in Vermont would likely be passed on to employers by health insurance companies through increased health insurance rates. Self-insured employers would be responsible for remitting the assessment, which would mean a direct increase in their costs. Chamber member, Jerry Tarrant, with MyWebGrocer, testified with concerns about the proposal encouraging the committee to look for more creative solutions to save costs within the state’s budget, adding that raising the assessment “is a very finite proposal and you’ll be in the same spot again ten years from now.”

Once they create a new tax, it’s all set for continual rate increases.

John McClaughry


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