Letters 3 – 22 – 2011

No logic behind health care maneuvers

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Does this make sense to you? They’re going to tax healthcare services to pay for universal healthcare. universal healthcare is going to make healthcare cheaper?

“Friday, the Ways and Means Committee passed a $29 million tax hike on health care providers, one day after they passed a partisan single-payer healthcare bill purporting to control health care costs.

The bill includes a $11.5 million tax on hospitals, nearly $11 million tax increase on health care claims, and taxes on home health agencies and nursing homes.”

They are out of their minds!

Pat Crocker (via Facebook)



Problems in

Excellent question by Angela Chagnon! And Gov. Shumlin did NOT answer it. But, who knows, the unions and other groups will probably seek exemptions. If exemptions are allowed, single-payer will fail because the base of participants will be far too small in Vermont, a tiny state.

Dave Usher



Insights into who is covering the State House

Jon Margolis. He surfaced in Vermont about 15 years ago, having retired to Barton from the Chicago Tribune. Early on he became part of the Burlington Free Press “Vermont Writers Group,” but after publishing a number of incredibly obtuse commentaries has, I believe, quietly been dropped some years ago. He joined the Media Advisors committee of the Northern Woodlands Magazine, where he was found to be too hard-line Eco-Socialist for their operation, and no longer appears on the masthead. I got into two slanging matches with him. I wrote an “Its My Turn” response to one of his full-page blatherings in the Free Press, stating that there was a very direct correlation between economic freedom and personal freedom, and cited Vaclev Klaus. The event was when Klaus shut down the Prague Institute of Marxist-Leninist Economics (about the year 2001). The American reporter covering it breathlessly asked Klaus, “Where will a young Czech student go to learn Marxist economics if you close this?” To which Klaus replied, with a slight smile, “I think she could go to Berkeley or Columbia.” Margolis simply mocked me: the BFP had put my academic degree in my byline, and Margolis stated in his response that I had imagined both the event and my degree. I also got into it in the page of Northern Woodlands, when he wrote a truly nasty response to my piece suggesting that privately owned woodlands would display far greater bio-diversity than government owned woodlands. On a third occasion, he went out of his way to mock a Vermont term I used in a piece. I said that Vermonters had a long tradition of “neighboring.” In his mocking piece, he stated that “for the uninitiated, “neighboring” is probably to be explained as “noshing.” And to me, that explains everything — Margolis apparently thinks that a traditional Vermont word can only be explained to the Vermont public by bringing in a Yiddish term.

Bruce Shields


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