Letters 3 – 4 – 2011

The left needs to drop distracting social issues and focus on our economy

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I remain absolutely nonplussed by our state legislature. While the economic health of our state remains on life support (jobs and productive taxpayers are leaving the state in droves, and record numbers of homes are for sale), our “representatives” seem oblivious to the issues at hand. Amazingly, many of these people – who push their own agendas and don’t stop to consider the will of the majority – are reelected over and over again! Minority voices continue to be heard over the voices of the majority. When will the insanity stop?

Consider the following unintended consequences: After a reasonable “concept” (that was poorly executed) failed and spiraled out of control, Vermont property taxes remain a significant and unsustainable financial threat to many people – especially those who are contributing for the benefit of other towns. Yet no relief, or even plausible legislation, is being seriously considered. After Civil Unions were made legal in 2000 under the guise of more equitable distribution of benefits to life partners (a worthwhile and sensible objective), Gay Marriage soon followed, pushed hard by the self-interests of a few incumbents and a small minority.

Now, while the state’s financial viability remains ablaze, the legislature, under the “leadership” of newly elected Governor Shumlin (one of the proud architects of Act 60), will push for Physician Assisted Suicide (more appropriately called Doctor Prescribed Death). None of these extremely controversial issues was voted on or decided by Vermonters. Instead, they were heavily influenced and funded by organizations and movements from outside Vermont, then pushed by individual legislators and judges with an agenda that does not in any way reflect the will of the people as a whole. What ever happened to democracy? When will we all wake up and realize that this type of “governing” is slowly suffocating this beautiful state?

Don’t be fooled again. Making Doctor Prescribed Death legal in Vermont will have far-reaching, unanticipated effects on our state, our reputation and most importantly, our disadvantaged and elderly. Once it has been rammed down our throats, it will slowly become “normalized” and then will morph into something completely unintended by all but its most ardent supporters. Don’t let poor governance and minority self-interest groups from other states and countries force their will on us. It’s time to push back hard, contact our representatives in Montpelier and let them know that we have had enough. Force your state representatives (who are actually supposed to “represent” the people), to get with the program or get out of Montpelier. Let’s stop this crazy train before the proposed legislation Snowballs into some surreal policy straight from George Orwell’s Animal Farm (pun intended).

Steve Chambers

Stowe, Vermont

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