Letters 3 – 9 – 2011

Vermont politics is good grist for comedy 

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We need a popular conservative humorist to broaden the exposure to the abundant Vermont political absurdity.

I also need a good laugh to offset the blood pressure increase caused by reading about our leaders in Montpelier. Not to mention the followers.

Thank you for what must sometimes feel like a Sisyphean effort.

Denny Bowen


Roar of the crowds…

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the True North Reports. LOVE it! Thanks for pulling it together. Your note about when are conservatives in VT going to start being active is something the VT Tea Party and other liberty groups have been dealing with as well.




Good story on salary surcharge tax bill

Thank you for running the story about the surcharge on successful small business people. What a disincentive! Careful, careful, don’t land that big contract – you might earn too much! Don’t think about building a better mousetrap that really appeals to the consumer – too many of them might say yes and you’ll make a lot of money – and then have to give it back to the state of Vermont big-time because enough of your “representatives” have concluded that you are what, greedy? Unfair? Taking advantage of entry level employees when in reality you are giving them the best opportunity of their lives? What better way to tell job creators, “don’t come to Vermont, we don’t like you.” I support my family with two small businesses: contract PR/communications, and contract roofing sales. If this law passes, I’d better make sure that neither business really takes off. I might need an employee some day.

Guy Page

Cambridge, VT


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