Letters 4 – 12 – 2011

Middle, Low-Income Vermonters Will Bear Brunt of Closing Vermont Yankee  

An April 8 editorial, “Yankee: High Stakes and No Do-Overs” by Emerson Lynn, publisher of the daily St. Albans Messenger, highlights the 4.9 cent power offer from Vermont Yankee and the obstruction placed in its way by the Vermont Legislature and Governor Peter Shumlin. The following is an excerpt:

“Thus, if Vermont Yankee is shuttered, the responsibility rests fully with the governor and the Legislature. And, for the record, it’s vital to understand what the governor and the Legislature are saying no to. It’s equally important to understand who will bear that burden. It won’t be the well-heeled, it will be disproportionately placed on the backs of the middle class and the poor. As important as renewable energy sources are, they are expensive. Our utilities are now required to purchase the power from many of these projects at prices far above the market price – the feed-in tariff for solar power, for example, is 30 cents per kilowatt hour, which is 6 times the proposed price Vermont Yankee is offering. Those subsidies become less defensible as the percentage of renewables rises, and those subsidies are highly regressive in that they are part of each month’s utility bill. We all pay the same rate. The poor pay as much as the rich.”

For the entire text, go to Vermont Tiger. Vermonters and Vermont policymakers need to understand that the State of Vermont is responsible to get the best deal available for Vermont’s energy future.

Guy Page, Communications Director

Vermont Energy Partnership



Spending “cuts”

Isn’t it ironic that the far left call a reduction in proposed spending, “cuts” when in fact the actual amount being spent has grown over the years. I’m thinking specifically of Pell Grants, however, it’s just one example of the entire process.

Jim Bulmer.


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