Letters 4 – 18 – 2012

Two Major Attacks on nonProfits Possible

Seems to me there are two major attacks that are possible. The first would involve the removal of charitable deductions from the individual and/or business income tax. The second. much more serious, area is the tax exemption of church and charitable organizations.

You might say this second scenario is impossible (in much the same way as, forty years ago, everyone knew what marriage meant and that killing babies would always be illegal).

I would disagree. The Liberal hatred of religion could easily result in the attempted destruction of organized religion via economic statute.



A back door attempt to sneak a major piece of legislation through

As far as I can see, this move by Senator Miller and others amounted to an attempt to sneak a hugely important, major piece of legislation through the back door by attaching it to a relatively minor, unrelated piece of legislation. Any bills having to do with physician-assisted suicide must be stand-alone legislation able to be debated and voted on their own merits. If PAS is such a wonderful thing, and most of us Vermonters want it, why did Miller feel the need to try to sneak it through by attaching a rider only two days before the vote? Also, Miller’s “reasoning” in her attempt to link the bill and the rider is shallow. My thanks to Lt. Gov. Phil Scott and legislators who worked against this zombie legislation (PAS) once again. It keeps coming back no matter how many times it is put to rest. As an ordinary citizen, I see a more sinister link here. “Shumlincare” must have PAS or its control of all Vermont citizens and their healthcare from before the cradle to the grave will not be absolute. Miller’s statement that boomers like choices is superfluous. As a boomer myself, I would ask her to explain how she defines “choices”? In Vermont, that seems to mean doing anything you want to with no regard for its morality or cumulative effect on society. In Vermont, it seems all legislation has been reduced over time to its lowest common denominator: moral relativism and amoral “choices”. Gone is God, morality, ethical wisdom, common sense, objective truth, and the history of what has worked for western societies, and what has failed. Does Miller wish to scrap all of this in favor of the undefined and unproven “choices” of the leftist political agenda? Is Vermont in favor of scrapping the wisdom of our Judeo-Christian culture and morality and governing by the morality of ancient Rome? Miller said, “There are things higher than protocol.” I agree. God and 4,000 years of moral rules set forth in both the Jewish and Christian Scriptures are among those things. So is the U.S. Constitution. So is the Hippocratic Oath which forbids doctors from participating in or helping in the deaths of their patients. Oh, I forgot. We, like the medical profession of 1930′s and 40′s Germany, have revised that venerable Oath to reflect more “progressive” thinking. This is the price we are paying for forgetting past history: we are repeating it. We are regressing to the morality of ancient history, not progressing, as we reject Judeo-Christian morality for the free-floating, undefined religion of “choices”. Far from establishing a socialist utopia in Vermont, we are ushering in a dystopia. Let’s all hold hands and walk down the same amoral pathway as ancient Rome and its degenerating culture.

Kay Trudell


Notes & Events

Wednesday April 18: Ethan Allen Institute’s 19th annual Jefferson Day Event, 7:30 PM, Sheraton Burlington – University Amphitheatre. EAI Founder John McClaughry will speak on “Mr. Jefferson’s Economy.” Governor Jim Douglas will introduce John McClaughry.

Wednesday April 25: VT Center Right Meeting 12:00pm – 1:30pm (Lunch will be provided – please RSVP so we have a enough food) AIV Conference Room 99 State Street Contact: Darcie Johnston at 229-6107


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