Letters 4 – 23 – 2012

A Different Perspective on the Proposed State Bank of Vermont 

The State bank of Vermont would NOT control YOUR bank deposits. This writer, Kevin Joseph Ryan is incorrect. Right now the State of Vermont invests in Wall Street with pensions and tax money, then wall street leverages this money ( a fancy term to describe legalized multiplicity effects of accounting) and Vermont sends its value to Wall Street. The State Public Bank is simply one form of democratic involvement in what money (credit) gets created for the purposes we need. There are more localized versions that will not involve an elected politicians, except as local depositors. This bank will not be on every street corner, instead it is a back up bank to other small commercial banks ( in ND there are more small commercial banks than anywhere else in this country) and is localized in Vermont, where we the people will be able to correct its malfunction/corruption (should that arise) far more effectively then we are able to effect wall street.

This is an extremely important step to take to shake off federal and political enslavement of our wealth- and to begin an independence of Vermont economically. I urge the writer to do far more research and to leave off his paranoia. Here is a link to a film that describes democratic monetary policies. Peter Shumlin will apparently be opposing this bill, likely because he is climbing the political ladder, and does not wish to discourage his Wall Street support.

Other points to be aware of: North Dakota’s oil revenue was not in play when ND began to return a profit to the State treasury. This was in 1945, and noting the date, shortly after the great depression. Lastly, the creation of the Federal Reserve was the hijacking of our democracy. along with the not ratified legally IRS and substitution of election of senators by house members with publicly elected ones, thereby allowing senators to be bought. Vermont did not respond with corrective policy as ND did at the time -but we are now.

Finally hydro-fracking is the ultimate of idiocy, I hope the writer would not dream of pouring oil and gas into his well, and drinking the resulting poison. This energy is pure criminal insanity. This writer would prevent the creation of loans/credit for a multitude of non centralized energy sources- ( a VT state bank could create the money for each of us to pay off a solar array at the price of our monthly electric bill, and pay for hemp production to build house that use 75% less fuel to heat) . I can only imagine his fear of politician and lack of study of monetary history and democratic possibilities is the cause.

Thank you for you attention to my points!

http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=-fAtVVq6ZgI Organic Money, created for the good of all in the absence of greed.

Emily Peyton, artist/activist in the running ( entering political races to move knowledge and power to the people for equality’s sake).

A constutitutionalist, compassionist and independent leader.

Emily Peyton, See www.emilypeyton.org



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