Letters – 4 – 3 – 2012

Ulterior motives in “green” movement 

Green Energy is a scandal in the making. It is more about taxpayer subsidies finding their way into Crony pockets than it is about saving the planet. The idea that “Industrialized Nations” must be toppled originates with billionaire George Soros who funds a number of non-profit organization that he uses to pursue an agenda of money and power. There is no secret here. He has openly stated that it is time for China to be the world leader. The fact that Canadian business man, Maurice Strong, is back in play at the United Nations is particularly disturbing. Following the first Gulf War, Iraqi Oil was boycotted. It could only be sold to buy food. However, because Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was allowed to do his own contracting; fraud ensued. It became known as “the Oil for Food Scandal”, and kickbacks were traced to Maurice Strong who was second in command to then Secretary General of the U.N., Kofi Annan. Kofi Annan’s son was also implicated. When the scandal broke, Maurice Strong took up residence in China. Yep, the same China that on its way to world power, subsidizes factories that spit out pollution that currently ends up as far away as California. Yet, I don’t know of a single Environmentalist who is seeking to force China to curb its pollution .

– Linda Haslam


“Environmentalists” have been brainwashed

When I read environmentalists think the best way to care for the earth is by human extermination I find myself without words. These “environmentalist” have been brainwashed to thinking trees and animals are more important than human life. When I find signs left on trees that are standing next to a tree that has been cut down and the sign reads, “I cry for you” all I can say is someone is sick. The day we start talking to trees is the day we need to have someone get out the net and take us to a mental hospital! I will admit there have been times when man has abused his privileges given to him under our Constitution but to destroy the human race ~ what would that accomplish? Do you think these trees and animals will pay the needed taxes to our government so they can spend money on non-essential things? I doubt it! May I ask “Mr. Environmentalist” since you are a “human” does that include exterminating you? This does not say too much for our educational system if this kind of thinking is taught in our schools and colleges. No wonder more parents are homeschooling their children!

– Marion Clegg



Notes & Events

Tuesday, April 10: Gubernatorial Candidate Randy Brock speaks at the Orange County Republican Dinner in Randolph, Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Church. 43 Hebard Hill Rd. (Route 66), Randolph, VT $10/person, $5/person for guests who are first time attendees. Bring a guest!!

Thursday, April 12: Shelburne Republicans host Jack Lindley, new chair of State Republican Party, at 7:30 am meeting at Dutch Mill Restaurant, Shelburne. All are welcome.

Saturday April 14th: Castleton Republican breakfast at the Trak-In on Route 30 in Bomoseen, VT. Breakfast at 8:30 am followed by Guest Speaker Senator Randy Brock. RSVP to Castletonrepublicans@yahoo.com or for additional info contact Al Gustafson at 802-273-3954.

Wednesday April 18: Ethan Allen Institute’s 19th annual Jefferson Day Event, 7:30 PM, Sheraton Burlington – University Amphitheatre. EAI Founder John McClaughry will speak on “Mr. Jefferson’s Economy.” Governor Jim Douglas will introduce John McClaughry.


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