Letters 4 – 5 – 2011

New Hampshire’s lookin’ pretty good

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Thanks for doing a great service keeping all of us informed.

I own a home in one town a business in another. I’m a self employed toolmaker. Expenses have continued to go up with no end in site. This health care debacle may be the last straw.

Five member panel-can you spell CZAR?? The fools running this goverment will ram this through just like “Obummer” care was. This is NOT about our health, it is ALL about control! They DO NOT care what we think! We have found a place for the business in NH and a number the homes that would be quite comfortable, with taxes alot less than VT.




Thanks for getting the word out

Just a note from home thanking you for your daily newsletter. I try to read through things every day. I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with our current legislature and governor. It seems every day there is a new proposal to take more money out of the pocket of my business.

Again, thanks for fighting the good fight. You are being heard.

Glenn Eno



Video of Vermont employers speaking out against single payer is powerful

Just want to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I just saw the video about IBM and Dealer.com. You guys are really revolutionizing things in Media here in VT!!!!! I thank God every day for what you guys are doing. [Editors note: the VIDEO IS HERE]

Pat Crocker


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