Letters 5 – 13 – 2011

Healthcare plan will leave us with coverage… but no doctors  

With super majorities in the legislature and the governorship, I understand Health Care Reform was a slam dunk. I did expect Republicans to bring out the fact that Mark Larsen and many on the committee are basically public sector hacks who never had to meet financial goals. They come from a place where costs go up, tax more.

Even the backwater media in Vermont was in the tank. Anne Galloway on Vermont This Week was giddy over it and downplayed concerns and indicated nothing would happen for a couple of years.

As I told you, I received a letter from my primary car doctor stating he was changing his medical practice model and would be affiliating with MDVIP and limiting his practice to 600 patients on a first come first serve basis. He will be charging a yearly $1500. membership fee. I get an enhanced wellness screening/diagnostics and wellness plan and 24/7 access. He gets a guaranteed operating income and less headaches. I assume few patients will be medicaid with its low reimbursements.

To be frank I don’t understand why this wasn’t brought out as an impact when concerns about doctors leaving was discussed. Republicans must be more vocal. After the plan is enacted the pressures will still be on emergency rooms and clinics as many will find themselves with an plan and no doctors to see. I have written the media and legislators and the Republican party and have received ZERO responses. I will pony up and will lose no sleep when Vermont goes over the cliff.

Steve Ciardelli


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