Letters 5 – 25 – 2011

We need to know our own history 

I thought your readers might be interested in the results of this quiz done by Newsweek…

Americans get an’F’ in Citizenship. How will you do?

One thousand Americans recently took the U.S. citizenship test as a part of an experiment for Newsweek and The daily Beast. According to Newsweek, 10 questions were chosen at random from a pool of 100 for the test, with six correct answers needed to pass. After 38% failed, Newsweek declared the “country;s future is imperiled by our ignorance.”

Below are the questions and the percentage of correct responses by the 1000 Americans tested:

1. When was the Declaration of Independence adopted?

17% correct

2. What happened at the Constitutional Convention?

39% correct

3.The Federalist Papers supported the passage of the U.S. Constitution. Name one of the writers.

12% correct

4. How many justices serve on the U.S. Supreme Court?

37% Correct

5. Who did the United States fight in World War II ?

60% correct

6. During the Cold War, what was the main concern of the United States?

27% correct

7. What did Martin Luther King Jr. do?

77% Correct

8. Under our Constitution, some powers belong to the federal government. What is one power of the federal government?

19% Correct

9. What is the supreme law of the land?

30 % Correct

10. What is the economic system in the United States?

33% Correct

Answers: (1) July 4, 1776 ( 2 ) the Constitution was written (3) James Madison, John Jay, Alexander Hamilton (4) Nine (5) Japan, Germany & Italy (6) Communism (7) fought for civil rights or fought for equality for all Americans (8 ) Print money, declare war, create an army, make treaties (9) the U.S. Constitution (10) Capitalism or market economy.

— Linda Kirker



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