Letters 5 – 27 – 2011

Why don’t our legislators listen?  

When are we going to stand up against these legislators and tell them enough is enough? When are they going to start listening to the people instead of using their own “brilliant” minds? I am referring to these new bills that are being “pushed” and I say pushed upon us that we do not need or want. I don’t believe neither our state or federal government have any right to govern what we have for health insurance, who we get it from and what doctors we use even down to who we get our prescriptions through. Over and over we have heard how these plans have not worked in other states and countries and yet it is like our government has turned off their hearing and think they know better then what has happened elsewhere.Like it or not we are headed toward a Socialistic country. All the freedoms we have had that our Constitution has given us are being passed off by saying that was almost 250 years ago and what did they know about how things were going to be in the 21st century. Well, let me tell you, they knew more then those that are making our laws today do!

They have heard from the medical profession, they have heard from the taxpayers and yet they chose to ignore all because “they” think they know what is good for us. I will continue to say it is time we take a good look at those that we have sent down to the State House and Washington and get out the broom. We need people that will REPRESENT the people. That is what the oath they take tells them to do. So if they chose not to abide by the oath they took we need to look for those that will.

Marion Clegg


Some thoughts on healthcare reform

I live in Burlington and I only know about health care here. It is overcrowded, inefficient and expensive even with health insurance. Also, if you wait long enough, your problem tends to go away. I support Bernie Sanders getting more money for the Community Health Centers, like the one on Riverside Ave, to take pressure off ER visits and provide routine care for uninsured. However, I feel we need torte reform (please lets have a list of what body parts are worth, with the maximum being death $500K?) and we need to expand family doctors, physicians assistants and nurse practitioners ( I would love to see them available at Drug Stores and the supermarkets- one stop shopping) first or the costs will overtake the State of Vermont. Too many Vermonters are out of shape and overweight. They need nuitritional guidance and an exercise coach. Not to even mention how many young people smoke and drink to excess. What consequences are there if your Dr says you need to lose 50 pounds and exercise and you don’t? Will you be fined? There should be financial incentives for those who are healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle and those who don’t. I also believe in buying insurance across state lines and in picking the plan that suits you, similar to auto insurance.

Farmermj85 (Via the Blog)



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