Letters 5 – 3 – 2011

S&P lacks credibility  

I noticed on your radio show on Friday that Bill [Sayre] was lamenting the possible lowering of the credit rating of the United Sates by Standard and Poors.


As noted in a link I found on Vermont Tiger:

“This is a bit rich, coming from a firm that certified hundreds of billions of dollars of worthless real-estate-backed debt as investment grade three years ago.” (my emphasis added)

I mean, really, if Standard and Poors was a bad guy three years ago contributing to the mortgage crisis in a HUGE way, now we are supposed to respect their assessment of the US credit worthiness? No. Sorry. No can do. Fool me once…..

John Burczy



Health Care panel discussion on May 10 in Manchester

I hope that all of you will remind your friends, colleagues and organization members about the Health Care Panel Discussion to be held at the Maple Street School in Manchester on Tuesday, May 10m from 6:30 – 8:30PM.

The panel members will be Lt. Gov. Phil Scott, keynoter; Tom Huebner, CEO of Rutland Regional Medical Center; Carol Conroy, Chief of Nursing and Vice Pres. of Operations, Southwestern Vermont Medical Center; Keith Michl, MD, primary care physician in Dorset and Manchester; Jeff Wilson, Representative from Manchester; Cynthia Browning, economist and Representative from Arlington; Kevin Mullin, state Senator from Rutland and Vice Chair, Senate Committee on Health and Welfare; and Billy Brownlee, owner and operator of the H.N. Williams General Store in Dorset.

Tom Salmon, State Auditor, will be the Moderator.

Following Lt. Gov. Scott’s key note address, each of the seven other panel members will briefly (3 – 4 minutes) state their positions on the Health Care legislation and then the floor will be open to questions from the audience which will occupy roughly 70% of the evening’s program. Northshire Access Television (GNAT) will be carrying the program.

Sponsors for the event are Rutland Regional Medical Center, Southwestern Vermont Medical Center, Manchester and the Mountains Regional Chamber of Commerce, Green Mountain Academy for Lifelong Learning, Vermonters for Health Care Freedom, and The Manchester Journal.

If you have any questions regarding this event, you may reach me at 802-362-0724.

Ralph Colin



Lack of balance in legislature is bad for Vermont

A majority party controls the executive branch, both chambers of the legislature, and possesses a supermajority that easily overrides dissent. Predictably, majority-favored legislation passes through a process devoid of minority input. While one couldn’t imagine the need for a sustained campaign to further solidify power, efforts to remove leaders of the minority from elected positions, calls to action against minority party members, and other forms of political harassment occur regularly at the hands of the majority.

This situation aptly describes the political climate in Russia today: During the decade-long rule of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and his United Russia party, thousands of opposition voices have been silenced. Marches by violent nationalist groups, designed to intimidate dissenters into inaction and passivity, are a staple of United Russia’s chokehold on the political process. However, the aforementioned situation also accurately describes the dominant position of the Vermont Democratic Party today. Recently, sporting signs attacking the Vermont GOP, and with a hysteria rivaling xenophobic riots seen in Paris, Moscow, and Tehran in recent years, the Vermont Democratic Party’s rally outside the Vermont GOP Spring Dinner was eerily similar, and equally frightening in its implications.

Was this rally designed with the sole purpose of delegitimizing Vermont’s political minority? Actions speak louder than words; these actions support this unfortunate conclusion. The disruption was rude and unfair at best, and at worst, blatant intimidation.

Any Vermonter who attended this rally engaged in behavior taken straight from the playbook of history’s most power-hungry tyrants. This most uncivil behavior has no place in Vermont politics. It was undemocratic, and it was wrong.

Daniel Letovsky


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