Letters – 5 – 4 – 2011


Is there outside support to help fight the insane groups fighting to get universal health care in VT? It seems as if a lot of outside funding and “experts” are working us over pretty well, as they are a well oiled machine! I was wondering if the anti-single payer groups are helping us battle these “right to health care” idiots. It sees as if there would be money out there as this state seems to be a real test state for Obama Care.


Jim Link



Why aren’t Democrats more open minded?

Wonder why Republican’s proposed amendments to legislation always get voted down by the Dems. Is it because they offer some fresh insights that frighten the libs?

Jim Bulmer



Shumlin should be honest about the state of his re-election campaign

In your article titled “Shumlin answers questions about fundraising letters; raises questions about campaign” you pointed out the inconsistency in the governor’s statements about what would appear to be his campaign organization. Even though the governor says he does not have a campaign, the actions of staffers show us something different. After reading this article, my first thoughts were of a fairy tale I was told when I was young and had told a “fib” . The name of the fairy tale was Pinocchio. I think our governor needs to refresh his memory regarding Pinocchio’s fate every time he told a fib.

Elaine Pettegrow


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