Letters 5 – 5 – 2011

Only solution left on health care is at the ballot box or on the highway  

Health Care reform is sailing now and all the architects can rejoice. My protests have been shunned, ignored, dismissed. Now it is time to say, Yes, let it happen, and when the masses speak at the polls, there will be a message delivered. Or when we have to move away from the home that we love, we will not be alone in our move.

Go ahead, cover the illegals. Go ahead. The lawmakers, saying they are open minded, have not listened.

Mary Gerdt



The way Montpelier operates is infuriating

It seems elected “officials” think they need only proclaim something and the rest of us dummies will take their word for it. Unfortunately, many do. The brass of it is, even in the face of evidence, they just ignore, deny, and carry on. This infuriates me

Rachel Williams (via Facebook)


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