Letters 5 – 6 – 2011

Loss of Vermont Yankee means dirtier air  

I’ve been following the finger pointing at Vermont Yankee and the refusal to do business with them. I draw two conclusions. First, it looks like my monthly power bills will be going up because that’s what happens when a governor and the state’s utilities say no to 4.9 cent power and yes to more expensive power. Second, it looks like the replacement for Vermont Yankee will be high-carbon smokestack power. Some people say who cares, but I know people who have trouble breathing even when the air is clean. My sister had chronic breathing problems before she died recently. Clean air mattered a lot to her. The governor’s idea of building natural gas-powered plants in the Champlain Valley does not strike me as very healthy for people with breathing problems. Bad decisions have bad consequences.

Steve Carlsen


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