Letters 6 – 1 – 2011

Good reporting on healthcare issue  

Your essay [on “Who gave us single payer”] is tops. So well researched and well stated, as to be incontrovertible to any rational being. It will be totally dismissed by those who drink the koolaid, who ‘feel like’ guvmint is always the right way to go.

We have to build on what we have to build on, Vermont has very little intellectually honest fertile ground any more. It’s scary to have a long term family home in Vermont, and still hope for a few more years to try to enjoy life. Sad, very sad!

Very well done essay, and I thank you again.

Doug Richmond



Linda Kirker for governor!

Linda Kirker for governor ….please. Or Senate, House, anything but the yoke we are currently burdened with ….

Keep up the good work!

Sam Shultis


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