Letters 6 – 22 – 2011

Who’s paying for smart grid campaign?

Today they are having rolling blackouts in Greece to fight austerity measures in the unions. Will this happen in BTV when we can’t afford the generous pensions we promised to BE? Smart grid will enable them to control/cut off our power as needed. Will we who are not on reduced free lunch be required to pay more for electricity than those who are on reduced free lunch? If you can pay more, will you be guaranteed power? The move to implement smart grid in a hurry makes me wonder what group/who is behind this? Who paid for all those vote yes signs and who put them all over Burlington?

MJ Farmer



VT Yankee is a good employer and a good neighbor

It is time and way past time that our elected officials stop persecuting large employers and their skilled workers and start fulfilling their promises of promoting good private sector jobs for Vermonters. Any politician can “create” jobs by giving away tax money or expanding government agencies. It’s not hard to rob Peter to pay Paul. A far better practice is to encourage those increasingly rare employers who actually want to stay in Vermont and don’t require government bailouts but instead are huge net contributors to payroll, benefits, and local and state taxes. Vermont Yankee is one such employer.

Yet, to satisfy a small, but vocal and well-funded group of anti-nuclear activists and competing power producers, our elected officials are trying hard to close Vermont Yankee, a successful manufacturer of a vitally important product (low-carbon electricity) and a good employer and neighbor. In short they are spending millions in legal fees – our tax money that is — to make us all poorer. Instead they should settle this thing immediately, keep the plant open, and keep its many economic and clean air benefits coming.

Billy Wischerth


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