Letters 6 – 24 – 2011


Thanks Rob, you and the True North Team are doing a great job.

Estelle Leach



Sanders Pre-K bill is NOT in the best interests of our children

I find it appalling to read that Mr. Do-Good is at it again. When will people realize this man has an agenda and he will go to no lengths to get what he is after. He has helped the veterans, the educational system and the even our hospitals. What can anyone say against him? Well, I believe we are looking at the wrong things. Yes, he has done some good things for people. Certainly more than the other two we have in Washington but we stop right there. We are not looking down the road to see what is behind all of this. Let me start out by saying Mr. Sanders has made no bones about his political background. He is a Socialist, through and through. Socialism is nothing more than what Russia, China and some of the other Communist countries did to their people. As long as the government has its people under its thumb it is in control. Unless you came from one of these countries you would not recognize the deception in their plotting. Now we have him thinking that because of poverty and kids dropping out of school instead of graduating the government needs to step in and take control of our children. Parents wake up! They are your children for you to bring up with your values.

It is known that the first 5 years in a child’s life is the time the foundation is laid for the future of the child. Abraham Lincoln once said “the philosophy of the classroom in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next.” Think about it. Do you want your children to be taught someone else’s values? Do you want them to grow up thinking that it is okay for the government to control all we say, all we do and all we can have? Are you ready to give up the Constitution that has given us freedom to say, do and have all we have had over the past 200+ years?

Our Constitution is what made America great and now you are willing to throw it to the wind? Why do you think all these people come from foreign countries to live in America? Go back and look at history, if you can still find a history book that will give you the truth about. Find out what brought the people here. It wasn’t because they had a great love for the country they were leaving but they were looking for a country that gave them freedoms. Freedom to own their own land, freedom to work and have their own businesses, freedom to worship or not to worship and the list goes on. Are you ready to give all of this up and let the government care for you? Just how do you think they are going to do it? They don’t even have enough money in the Treasury to pay the bills they have accumulated with their free spending or taxpayers money. Full day day-care is just one more step toward their goal. It is like a snowball rolling down a hill. Once it gets started you can’t stop it. Well, it is time we stop it before it gets going any further! It can be done if we the people we start saying enough is enough and stand firm against all these things that are taking our freedoms away.

Marion Clegg



Sanders Pre-K plans just more fiscal irresponsibility

Bernie’s S.294 proposal to create state early education systems – or state-run Pre-K using Federal grants, once again creates more government without any form of income to pay for it. Past governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson said it best; “The number one thing that the federal government could do to improve education in this country would be to eliminate the Department of Education (and) give education back to the states — 50 laboratories of innovation … .” Though not a libertarian, I agree with Mr. Johnson and believe that Bernie’s “Foundations for Success” start with personal accountability at the hometown level.

The cost of West Rutland’s K-12 program – for barely 300 total students – is what, roughly $5,000,000 ….? That in and of itself is an embarrassment and having the federal government more deeply involved is an outrage. But what am I saying, they already ARE involved, which IS the reason a puny little town pays almost $17,000 per student. What happened to “certain unalienable rights”? State intrusion into early childhood education is in direct conflict with our freedom and politicians and business leaders are dangerously out of touch with America regarding early childhood education. Its’ not really about the expense or effectiveness of pre-K or kindergarten, but who should bear the responsibility for young children.

Politicians and business leaders have leaped onto the bandwagon, citing discredited studies as ample evidence that it makes prudent fiscal sense to implement “universal early childhood government intervention”. Nearly all pre-K studies target disadvantaged children, yet it is generalized that benefits will accrue to mainstream children also. According to David Weikart, past president of the foundation that was responsible for the Perry Preschool project, “For middle-class youngsters with a good economic basis, most programs are not able to show much in the way of difference.”

Our politicians and business leaders must weigh all of the evidence, including the findings of the Head Start program, sold by President Johnson on the promise that early intervention could prevent poverty, delinquency, and welfare status, and we know what a flaming success that turned into for teacher unions. For decades we have seen all too many reforms that promised to improve our education system. If our children who are not at risk, perform better with parental nurturing and education in early childhood, — currently decentralized and flexible — but perform poorly after a few years in government run schools, why should parents be forced to turn their early childhood education over to the government? And why should taxpayers have to fund another government run program, universal pre-K?

And to be sure, with greater government incursion comes, ummm, tidbits like a state law signed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2009. Despite the outcry of parents and concerned Californians, Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law SB 572, which establishes every May 22 as “Harvey Milk Day” in K-12 public schools in California. Under SB 572, children will perform “suitable commemorative exercises,” remembering the “life,” “accomplishments,” and “contributions” of Harvey Milk — in other words, the entire homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda for which Milk advocated. There is no definition or limit to these “exercises,” which, at participating schools, could include gay-pride parades, cross-dressing contests and mock gay weddings, or anything else Milk supported. But isn’t this right up Bernie’s “alley”? (no pun intended) Again, “Foundations for Success” start with personal accountability at the hometown level.

Please …. less government involvement and spending.

Sam Shultis





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