Letters 6 – 3 – 2011

Good reporting on healthcare issue  

Green Mountain Power’s plan to buy electricity from Seabrook Nuclear in New Hampshire is perplexing.

First, it received the blessing of Governor Shumlin. So now the Governor thinks it’s a good idea to buy nuclear power even if it exports jobs and tax revenues out of Vermont. At the same time he is preventing Vermont Yankee from doing business in Vermont. What a waste of taxpayer’s money.

Vermont Yankee provides low cost, low carbon, reliable power to Vermont and would like to do so for 20 more years. VY provide jobs, tax revenues and reliability for transmission. In the world of economic development you keep what you have first. The governor says Vermont Yankee hasn’t offered a good deal, yet the deal Vermont Yankee offered appears to be better than the one being offered by Seabrook – and for a lot more power. Green Mountain Power should have jumped for joy at the Vermont Yankee offer starting at 4.9 cents a KWh and capping at 6.1 cents a KWh. We’re not sure there even is a cap on the Seabrook offer.

We have a great energy portfolio in place right now. Our utilities played to the political tune of the governor and didn’t accept an outstanding power purchase agreement opportunity with Vermont Yankee. If public good is a consideration for buying power, then the Seabrook buy doesn’t come close to the overall advantages of hometown Vermont Yankee.

— Linda F. Kirker


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