Letters 7 – 22 – 2011

Kudos all around!  

Vermont is well served by John McClaughry, Wendy Wilton, Robert Maynard, Robert Letovsky, Rob Roper, Anne Galloway, Pat Crocker and the Green Mountain Patriot’s who serve to inform Vermonters about crucial issues to Vermont such as healthcare. My sincere thanks go out to them.

– Norm Henry


Where’s the justice?

According to Michelle Bachmann SS is an on- time ponzi scheme. Money comes in from weekly payroll tax and goes out monthly. “Except for once in the last year or two it has never happened that there was not enough income to pay the recipients.” In that case, whatever the amount the government is short, and they are only short because of past sins, it has to be borrowed from the Federal government. If there are not enough taxpayers working and paying in, if unemployment goes up, conceivably, a shortfall could occur again. I would conclude from what she says, that since the Social Security Administration has had to borrow to cover it’s monthly checks, on at least one occasion, Bernie is delusional re the $2.6 trillion trust fund. It is infuriating for the taxpayer to have to pay twice. And by the way, I was notified today that as of August 10th, SS will be deducting an additional $230.70 for Obama Care and $31.10 for prescription drug coverage even though I don’t ever visit my pharmacy. So with all the penalties (shameful income) and HC deductions I get to keep and live on? $276.10 from the $1000/month they said I earned for working 25 years.

But if you are a family of four, making less than $94,000, you get $14,900 for Obama Care…..for just being. If you are a family of four making less than $30,000, you get $22,000/year for your health care just for being poor. A 73% increase in income is a fine example of Social Justice.

With the passage of Act 48/H202 I guess the State of Vermont if they get a waiver, gets it all though because they can spend it better than you can.

– C.B (via the website)


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