Letters 7 – 27 – 2011


Last Friday’s edition referred to Dan Barlow of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility’s title as “BLAH.” This was a placeholder designed to remind me to go back, check, and fill in the proper title, “Public Policy Manager.” I apparently need a better reminder system here. Thanks to Dan for pointing it out, and with good humor.

— Rob Roper, News Editor

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom claim to represent businesses here in the state. So does VBSR. That’s why we are questioning that organization’s credentials, funding and members. Again, we are completely transparent about the business interests we represent. Check out website. Every member is listed there. Who does Vermonters for Health Care Freedom represent? Who knows! They are not saying. If they want to claim to represent the interests of businesses in Vermont, they should at the very least tell people which businesses they are representing.

— Dan Barlow, Public Policy Manager, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility



Are football players smarter than congressmen?

When the NFL owners announced a deal, the players said they would wait to see what was in the deal. Apparently our congress people aren’t that bright.

— Jeff Vovakes



Windmills are bigger than billboards

We have a billboard law that came from Lady Bird recognizing the beautiful unbroken Vermont views. Are Windmills bigger than billboards?

Mary E. Gerdt


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