Letters 7 – 29 – 2011

Shumlin aide admits healthcare plan is “not fully baked” 

At a July 25 meeting in Rutland, Vermont, the purpose of which was to discuss health care and answer constituents’ questions about the health care board, Governor Peter Shumlin left part-way through the presentation. According to the July 27 Rutland Herald, questions about taxes, federal support, job creation and coverage received incomplete answers. The Herald quoted Shumlin’s health care adviser Anya Rader Wallack as stating: “A lot of people think this thing is fully baked but that’s not the case.” Ms. Wallack, you sure got that right. This is the most half-baked scheme to come out of the Vermont legislature in many a year, voted into law by representatives who apparently didn’t have a whole recipe among them. That’s why they rushed to pass this agenda-driven legislation, then shoved the responsibility off onto an unelected, unknown Board with near-dictatorial powers. Not fully baked indeed. Let Vermonters eat cake!

– Kay Trudell



Who will pay for closing Yankee?

Who is going to pay for this?

In short, the answer is the all the local electric ratepayers and local Vermont taxpayers.

I have worked at Vermont Yankee for 30 years and purchased a home just across the river in Spofford NH in 1987. Because I work in Vermont, I pay Vermont income tax. I will be retiring early next year and will no longer be required to pay Vermont income tax.

An expensive battle has begun between Governor Shumlin, the Vermont Legislature and Entergy, a mid sized power generation employer. Entergy Vermont Yankee has been staffed by locals for almost 40 years selling power at a low cost to Vermonters, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire

I hope that Vermont’s actions do not force New Hampshire rate payers to accept high cost power if the Vermont Legislature prevails in removing Vermont Yankee from Vermont’s energy supply.

Bottom line: Consumers pay the electric bill, which covers all sources required to serve their needs. At this point, the Vermont Legislature is attempting to determine which sources will serve the consumer’s needs, thus determining the price of the consumer’s electric bill. Vermonters will also be paying for the state to fight Entergy in court for what may be years to come though their property and sales tax.

Perhaps there may be 600 more people not Vermont’s state income tax next year, in addition to those who lost jobs in Rutland due to the Gaz Metro take over of CVPS and GMP.

Again I say, who is going to pay? All I can say is that I hope it’s not going to be me.

– John Osmond



Bernie more volatile than nuclear fuel

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Bernie is opposed to the construction of new nuclear plants, particularly SMR’s. It’s not so much that he is so concerned with the cost of building and operating them nor is he worried about the safety factors inherent in their utilization. It’s just that he’s scared to death that given the fact that he consists of such combustible material himself, he might be confused with a fuel rod and used to nourish one of the small modular reactors for at least twenty years.

– Ralph Colin



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