Letters 7 – 4 – 2012

Electric rates

Do you question your electric bills? If the price of natural gas is at an all-time low and market power here in Vermont is based on the price of natural gas, then why aren’t we seeing lower bills?

The president of our newly-merged state utility blames growing labor costs, maintenance, etc. for the rise in our electric rates (see article in the June 28 (miltonindependent.com). But, I suspect there is an additional, bigger reason called feeding political ambitions.

For the last few years, our Legislatures have been passing laws that require our utilities to buy expensive power from small, undependable power producers. The owners of these facilities are raking in the subsidies and grants and renewable credits (most or all at taxpayer and/or ratepayer expense) WAIT – that’s us paying hidden cost and in return they are inefficiently making power that the utilities are required to buy. This power often costs 6 to 7 times more than the market price!

The more Legislatures require Vermont’s utilities to buy electric power and pay subsidies from these 21st century carpetbaggers, the more we will continue pay unnecessarily in electric rates and taxes. That’s the real reason why our electric bills continue to be high at the same time the market price for electricity is low.

George Clain

86 Maplecrest

Barre, Vt 05641




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