Letters 7 – 8 – 2011

Green Mountain Care will drive out high paying jobs, foster low paying jobs  

Only businesses that provide low income jobs will find Green Mountain Care favorable because they can get coverage on the cheap at 11% of payroll. Companies that employ individuals making over $40 k per year will be encourged to move high wage jobs out of state (i.e. NY or NH) or relocate altogether.

The cost of insuring the higher wage individuals will be lower under the current insurance system than under GMC-single payer with the payroll tax and other unfavorable changes to the income tax formula. Green Mountain Care will kill job creation in VT at the levels we’d like to see more of due to this factor.

– Wendy Wilton


Forum on healthcare reform set for July 14th in Essex, 6:00 pm.

A town hall style forum on Vermont’s health care law will be held Thursday, July 14 at 6 pm at the Essex Grange Hall on Route 15.

The event is sponsored by the Green Mountain Patriots and will feature interesting speakers who will discuss important information not currently being discussed about the potential financing of the health care system and the outcomes of the forthcoming changes that will impact all Vermonters. Dr. Robert Letovsky, who has lived in Canada and currently resides in Vermont will contrast the Canadian health care system with the current US system, and the Vermont plan for single payer health care. Other speakers include John McClaughry of the Ethan Allen Institute, who will discuss the law as passed, Robert Maynard of True North Reports who will discuss the moral and social implications of health care reform, and Wendy Wilton, Rutland City Treasurer, who will discuss a financial projection model she developed regarding Green Mountain Care to address cost.

The event organizer, Pat Crocker, feels this event is important because “Unlike other events, this town hall will offer a balanced perspective on health care reforms in Vermont. We are aiming to provide insight to Vermonters on the questions of who will be covered, how much will it cost, and how care might be changed.” Crocker, a pediatric occupational therapist, experiences health care issues everyday in her work. “Reforms are needed,” states Crocker, “However we must take utmost care to ‘do no harm’ in the process, and an informed public is essential to ensuring that reforms will meet the needs of Vermonters.”

– Green Mountain Patriots


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