Letters 8 – 12 – 2011

Families will stay if VY continues operation  

My name is Larry Doucette and I have worked at Vermont Yankee for 14 years. I came to Vermont specifically for my job and I live in Dummerston with my family. We enjoy Vermont and appreciate all we have here.

I am a volunteer fire fighter / rescue person in Dummerston and mutual aid communities. I volunteer with school activities, coach youth sports and volunteer for fundraisers that provide financial assistance to local groups in need.

Many good families live locally because of their careers at Entergy Vermont Yankee. Vermont and the local communities have benefitted for decades and gained many families like mine as residents because of opportunities at VY. If my family and potentially hundreds of others cannot stay in Vermont for continued long term careers at VY, they may leave Vermont for other careers in the nuclear power industry.

It seems evident to me that if VY were forced to close then local communities will dramatically change and the quality of life in this area may be adversely affected because of the departures of good families. If that happens then other communities would benefit from residency of these families, same as our present communities benefit now.

We would like to stay in Vermont and I want to continue to work at Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee and volunteer in my community, but if my local job is eliminated by the state of Vermont because of forced closure of VY, then I will look forward to prospering in a new state and new community as an employee at a different nuclear facility.

— Larry Doucette



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