Letters 8 – 2 – 2011

Praise for Maynard article on VY  

I am grateful for the excellent article by Robert Maynard on energy consumption and needs. As a supporter of Vermont Yankee who has been frustrated by Entergy’s seeming lack of interest in communicating with its supporters out here but unwavering in the logical and beneficial nature of the facility, such articles are encouraging and helpful in cutting through the smoke of the true energy and corporate competition situation in our state and in this field. Mr. Maynard has set forth the relevant facts which need to be brought forth time and time again. Thank you for your continuing work in setting the record straight about this and so many other issues.

Best regards.

– Dennis McMahon


Buy local power

I am not a native resident of Vermont, but I have made this my home. When I moved here I really bought into the concept of “Buy Local.” I think it is an idea that truly works for the community in every way.

I was amazed that buying local only applies to small businesses, farm stands and such. What happened to the “Buy Local” motto when it comes to electrical power? I am very disappointed with the mindset in this area that buying local only helps the community when you are buying food or clothes but not your electrical needs. I can not imagine that people believe it is better to buy an electrical product from New Hampshire or Canada instead of from their local Vermont producer. So, not only are you buying from another state, but another country, which increases foreign dependency on an additional power source. Where is your loyalty to Vermont? What about your loyalty to the United States?

I work for Vermont Yankee and I live in Vermont. We at Vermont Yankee care about the state of Vermont because this is our home too. The tax revenue from the plant provides many services that this community needs. Many of us at Vermont Yankee are citizens of Vermont, but ALL of us are taxpayers. We support your local farm stands and small businesses just like everyone else. We believe that buying local should apply to your electrical power as well. So remember to “Buy Local.

– Kenyon Webber




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