Letters 8 – 26 – 2011

Praise for Angwin article on Yankee decommissioning 

Great factual article about the realities of past history regarding nuclear plants that refute another misleading/inaccurate/wishful thinking statement from Shumlin. He has made many such statements. May be he gets his “facts” from people with agendas similar to his own; sort of like an echo chamber.

Those echoes become their gospel and are passed off as truths, etc., to unsuspecting Vermonters to advance their agendas which is to make Vermont less efficient, raise living costs, and doing- business costs, etc., by rolling into the rate schedules the high-cost energy of PV solar and environmentally-destructive, noisy, industrial wind turbine projects that would not be built without subsidies that currently are equivalent to at least 60% of their capital cost.

These projects are led by multi-millionaire renewables vendors, project developers and financiers who aim to enrich themselves with subsidies under the farcical guise of saving the world from global warming, all at the expense of Vermonters.

Vermont has the lowest CO2 profile of any state. Almost all of its CO2 is from buildings and vehicles. Why not provide adequate subsidies for making buildings more efficient and to promote high mileage, above 35 mpg, vehicles?

– Willem Post


Vermont Yankee a good place to work and a good neighbor

I am a 27 year employee of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corporation and subsequently Entergy. I am a registered Professional Engineer and hold myself and my coworkers to the highest of standards of trust, fairness, honesty and integrity.

I am treated every day with those same standards of trust and displaying those qualities has been expected of me every day for 27 years. At Vermont Yankee, we hold ourselves to such high standards that it makes working here very pleasant. When I see an editorial attacking the credibility of Entergy, it makes me think of how drastically different the accusations are from reality.

In 27 years, I have never been asked to compromise my standards of safety and have been expected and encouraged to be open and honest if I have questions or concerns with decisions that are made at any level. I have been trained to be critical and to challenge information that is presented to ensure that it is factual and has a sound basis in engineering and science. I have always felt that my voice is being heard and that the overriding determinant in decision making is safety. This includes industrial, nuclear and radiological safety.

I live in Vernon, just a few miles from the plant and can actually see the plant from my front yard. I have raised five children during these 27 years and have never regretted my decision to move to Vermont. Trust, fairness, honesty and integrity are core values here at Vermont Yankee and I can think of no other way to operate a nuclear power plant.

Jim DeVincentis



Don’t miss economist David Hale speak at the Sheraton Economic Series

Monday August 29, 2011

Sheraton Burlington – University Amphitheatre

Social (half) hour at 6:30, Program at 7:00

Vermont-born global economist David Hale will appear on the EAI platform for the seventh time on Monday, August 29, at 7:00 pm in the University Amphitheatre at the Sheraton Burlington Conference Center. David and his wife Lyric are the editors of a just released book, What’s Next? Unconventional Wisdom on the Future of the World Economy (Yale University Press). They will summarize the highlights of What’s Next? as part of the Ethan Allen Institute’s Sheraton Economic Series. The public is invited – reservations not required.

– The Ethan Allen Institute



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