Letters 8 – 5 – 2011

Hobbits kick butt!  

Frodo in 2012! Hobbits for Senate 2012! Where can I order bumper stickers???

– Bill Daugherty

Killing our own people

The Wall Street crowd is much smarter than the political class . Result the middle class was left unprotected from the smartest guy’.s in the room. The Merrill and the AIG crowd & the Goldman crowd and all the bankers were for sure smart enough to see that the VALUE of real estate would plummet and take the rest of the economy down with it. But since we had no protection from the inept federal regulators & inept politicos all the bankers made all the money they could and stole the savings of the middle class as well as the value they had in their real estate. None went to jail (just Madoff & some Enron &Bernie Ebbers) . But the middle class has been ruined while most of the top level executives working for the bankers got bonuses and high salaries even if they ruined their country and their own companies. Now we say not to tax the really big earners (I do not mean those making 250,000). We would not collect enough money for it to really reduce the debt, but at least it would help and really would not hurt the lifestyle of the monied class. This increase in tax on the rich would not change anyone’s inclination to invest. If the monied class thinks they can make money on their investment they will invest even if the tax rate goes up a little. We cannot increase demand for products unless people have disposable income . I could go on & on both parties are to blame the minority party during the Bush administration was as much a failure as the Bush administration. You keep talking about class warfare who cares, we need jobs and we will then create demand pay taxes and lower the debt. The big mistake the United States made was not paying for the wars, the decrease in taxes. STOP blaming this on the lazy, most folks want work and work hard, but we need a level playing field. This is a very serious situation I have no proof but feel that way more folks have died from the stress of this economic disaster than even from the tragedy of 9 /11.

– Michael Sharkey



Shumlin’s claims about radioactive fish are irresponsible

We’ve all seen those crime shows where the wrong person is accused of a terrible crime, but he is unpopular and fingers are pointed at him saying “look no further we already know who did it.” And everyone stops looking for the real culprit. That is what I see happening, when the governor decides that one Connecticut River fish found with radioactivity means the radiation comes from Vermont Yankee. When in fact his own radiation chief, Bill Irwin, says he doesn’t think it came from Vermont Yankee at all! Water quality safety is important and we need to have our scientists studying this in a thorough, impartial way. As someone who who works in and understands the third leg of the Vermont economy, tourism, it seems very irresponsible for our governor to shoot from the hip and very unnecessarily, inaccurately harm the national reputation of our rivers.

– Heather Sheppard




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