Letters 8 – 8 – 2012

Vermont Yankee’s continued operation will benefit Vermont ratepayers.

I appreciated the piece by Howard Shaffer (“Vermont Yankee: what’s in it for us?”). Mr. Shaffer points out a very important fact that many choose to ignore: Vermont Yankee’s continued operation will benefit Vermont ratepayers.

Mr. Shaffer does an excellent job reminding us of all of the many ways we benefit from Vermont Yankee. For example, over the next 10 years, Vermont utilities could receive millions of the dollars of revenue generated by the plant, thanks to a “revenue sharing” agreement signed 10 years ago. Neither our governor nor the press says much about this agreement, but nevertheless it translates into real, big dollars for John Q. Ratepayer.

Additionally, Vermont Yankee will keep down the fluctuating cost of regional power and make the grid flow more smoothly, which again translates into more dollar savings. And let’s not overlook the many economic benefits we gain from having a large-scale employer like Vermont Yankee operating within our borders – more than 600 well-paying jobs for local residents, and $100 million in annual economic benefits, and $6.3 million in annual state and local tax payment.

Make no mistake: an operational Vermont Yankee will help move Vermont forward toward a better energy future.

Jim DeVincentis

Professional Engineer

21 Ridge Road

Vernon, VT 05354



August 11th: Monthly Green Mountain Patriots Meeting Results of some important polling; and discussion of how this could be helpful in upcoming elections will be shared. Also, some candidates running for office have asked to address the group. The presentation will be based on the results of a poll that True North Reports did a while back. In order to take advantage of the opportunities presented in the poll, we need to begin by doing some home-work. One way to start is by doing candidate research on your State Representatives and potential candidates for that position. Such an effort would be a good supplement to the coming presentation on the opportunities in the coming election. The research would be aimed at uncovering public statements/promises and positions on issues stated that could be used in the coming campaign. One good place to go for such research is the local town weekly newspaper, if there is one. Some newspapers have archives on articles written on various subjects. There should be numerous articles on elected officials from the district that the paper covers. Another good place to do such research might be the Town Library. Finally, there are the Chamber of Commerce and Ethan Allen Institute voter scorecards. Both can be accessed from the following article: http://truenorthreports.com/how-did-your-legislators-vote-eai-and-vermont-chamber-out-with-scorecards If people who plan on attending our next meeting would bring such research findings with them, we could take a look at how the material could be used.  (Map and directions)

August 12th: 3-6 pm. “Vermont Taxpayer’s Picnic…Your Buck Counts!” 41 Lawrence Height Jericho. Also, Ellie Martin who is coordinating this picnic, is in need of help.  If you can help out please give Ellie a call at 343-8049


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