Letters 8 – 9 – 2012

Appeals of Vermont Yankee Decision Costly

The costs of the initial Vermont Yankee court case and now the appeal of the court case are reaching alarming numbers. The total cost will be millions. Vermont is fighting a losing battle in which Judge Murtha has ruled in favor of Vermont Yankee, but the Governor and Attorney General keep the appeals process going. If Vermont Yankee sues for legal fees at the end of all of this, my Vermont income taxes are paying for the damages.

Why would I want my taxes to keep paying for the Vermont legislature to shut down my place of employment? That would be like a local store paying for a competitor’s ad in the newspaper. I don’t want my hard-earned tax dollars paying to put me out of work. I know this is NOT in my family’s or my best interest.

Please tell our Governor and Attorney General to stop the blood letting.


Tom Fox


Vermont Yankee Key to Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plans

The Burlington City Council, along with 31 other cities, is calling for a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas production. Vermont has always been a leader in promoting activities and programs aimed at reducing greenhouse gases and improving the environment. In fact, the Vermont State Energy Plan expressly promotes low-carbon energy sources.

Vermont Yankee generates large amounts of electricity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and emits virtually no greenhouse gases. In fact, VY produces electricity with a lifetime carbon footprint that actually is smaller per kilowatt hour than that of solar and wind generation,

Since coming online in 1972, Vermont Yankee has generated and over 150 million megawatts of electricity and prevented more than 69 million tons of carbon dioxide from entering our air. Vermont Yankee makes a substantial contribution to Vermont’s distinction as having one of the lowest carbon footprints in the US.

While contributing to Vermont’s low carbon footprint, Vermont Yankee also provides over 600 full time jobs, and creates over 1000 additional Vermont jobs every 18 months during refueling outages. Vermont Yankee also infuses over $100 million into the regional economy each year through payroll, taxes, and purchases of goods and services from local businesses.

Given these benefits to Vermont’s clean air and to our local economy, it makes no sense to close Vermont Yankee. To do so would be a huge mistake.

Richard January

Jaffrey, New Hampshire



August 11th: Monthly Green Mountain Patriots Meeting Results of some important polling; and discussion of how this could be helpful in upcoming elections will be shared. Also, some candidates running for office have asked to address the group. The presentation will be based on the results of a poll that True North Reports did a while back. In order to take advantage of the opportunities presented in the poll, we need to begin by doing some home-work. One way to start is by doing candidate research on your State Representatives and potential candidates for that position. Such an effort would be a good supplement to the coming presentation on the opportunities in the coming election. The research would be aimed at uncovering public statements/promises and positions on issues stated that could be used in the coming campaign. One good place to go for such research is the local town weekly newspaper, if there is one. Some newspapers have archives on articles written on various subjects. There should be numerous articles on elected officials from the district that the paper covers. Another good place to do such research might be the Town Library. Finally, there are the Chamber of Commerce and Ethan Allen Institute voter scorecards. Both can be accessed from the following article: http://truenorthreports.com/how-did-your-legislators-vote-eai-and-vermont-chamber-out-with-scorecards If people who plan on attending our next meeting would bring such research findings with them, we could take a look at how the material could be used.  (Map and directions)

August 12th: 3-6 pm. “Vermont Taxpayer’s Picnic…Your Buck Counts!” 41 Lawrence Height Jericho. Also, Ellie Martin who is coordinating this picnic, is in need of help.  If you can help out please give Ellie a call at 343-8049


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