Letters 9 – 30 – 2011

The First Amendment Does Not Guarantee Accuracy in Speech 

The first amendment protects our free speech and we should take advantage of this right.

But the people who gathered to protest Vermont Yankee do not always have their facts straight.

They carry signs about tritium leaks, but do they know that there is more tritium in one exit sign at a local movie theater or a public auditorium than has ever been released by Vermont Yankee?

Do they know that the use of coal, oil, and natural gas to generate electricity causes hundreds of deaths every year?

Do they know that although the Fukiushima Diacchi Nuclear Station and Vermont Yankee have the same model reactors, the U.S. plants operate under much more aggressive regulatory and oversight policies than those in Japan?

Next time you see or hear “facts” presented at a public protest, educate yourself on the real facts of the matter. Perform your own research and understanding, rather than simply jumping onto the bandwagon. For more information on these issues check out the Ethan Allen Institute Energy Education Project at www.EnergyEAI.org.


Jon North

Keene, NH



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