Letters and Events 11 – 5 – 2012


What to say about a President who refers to the grizzly murders of our Libyan Ambassador and three other brave Americans as, “Not optimal”. Who thinks like that? Upon learning about this well executed and pre-planned attack, Obama failed to attend his security briefing the next morning, and instead winged to Vegas for a fundraiser.

It has been said by some who have known him in the White House that the President is cold and “doesn’t like people”. These observations, along with a healthy dose of narcissism are dangerous traits in the leader of the free world. Like Scrooge, Obama is treating the loss of these men as perhaps an “undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese…” or maybe just “an inconvenient truth”.

It seems our President finds it “offensive” that Americans are questioning his dreadful handling of this sad affair. The story of a film being the catalyst for this horrific attack appears now to be patently false. No Sir – what is offensive is your wanton disregard for the lives of those under your protection and your refusal to accept the fact that your foreign policy is in shambles.

Ambassador Stevens and others informed the State Department of the imminent dangers in Benghazi and begged for help in the days and hours leading up to the storming of the Consulate. Their requests were denied. They were being “protected” by locals armed with “flashlights and batons” – but no guns! This attack went on for many hours and was being watched in real time by State Department officials. This morning’s news tells us that we had a Fast Response Team stationed in Italy who could have been called upon to help our people, but no such call was ever made. Such a request would have shown a light on the chaos in Benghazi and the false narrative that this President’s foreign policy is bringing stabilization to the region. Elections alone do not result in true democracy, nor does Obama’s seemingly unbridled belief in the power of his own words!

Virginia Duffy

5 Newton St.

Rutland, Vt. 05701



Tuesday, November 6: 5:00 PM – Election Night Watch Party: Capitol Plaza Hotel, Montpelier VT

Saturday, November 10:  Green Mountain Patriots monthly meeting.  9:00 am to 11:00 am at the Essex Grange Hall Map & directions  Contact: greenmountainpatriots@gmail.com