Letters and Events 3 – 22 – 2013

Just a Drop in the Bucket

“Just a drop in the bucket,” those words have been running through my head since a government representative gave that as a response to a proposed cut in government spending. He felt that a small cut in something would make no difference.

Being a Vermonter, I understand the value of a drop in the bucket. My Dad had a small sugar bush (maple tree grove). Each spring he would tap the maple trees and we would wait for the first drops of sap. Every day after school my sister and I would help gather the sap. Some trees gave just a little while others would overflow. It takes 40 gallons of sap to make just one gallon of maple syrup and each tree produces about 10 gallons of sap per season. Each tree needs to be at least 40 years old before it is tapped. As we gathered the sap and brought it to the gathering tank to be boiled down to syrup, Dad would always caution us not to spill, because he needed every drop to make “Vermont’s liquid gold,” maple syrup.

The taxpayers of America are a lot like the trees in the maple grove, working to earn their livings, and giving part of their livelihood to infuse Washington and their states with funds to run the government. Ten hours of my work week is spent on meeting the requirements for Federal, State, Social Security and Medicare taxes. This does not include property taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes, utility fees & taxes, government mandatory health and auto insurance expenses and any other fees or taxes government creates.

What I as a taxpayer see from government is wasteful spending, foolish government programs, duplication of programs, and bazaar government rules and regulations. I see government agencies advertising what is available “free” from the government to increase the recipients of public welfare and rationalize their programs’ existence. We the taxpayers see welfare recipients who do not contribute to the “bucket” having more available resources after receiving welfare, food stamps, rent assistance, fuel assistance, cell phones, Medicaid and anything else the government can think to provide for them with taxpayer dollars than we the taxpayer after paying taxes. No wonder so many have stopped working for paychecks and now work the system.

Times are changing in Vermont. Pipe lines have appeared in our maple groves that deliver the sap to the gathering tanks. High tech evaporator systems speed the production of maple syrup, but the result is the same “Liquid Gold” from the maple trees that still give their sap, drop by drop, as they have for centuries. We have generations of young Vermonters who haven’t learned the value of “just a drop in the bucket” but we old Vermonters Remember.

Susan Petrie
Essex Junction, VT




Saturday April 6thCastleton Republicans Spring Breakfast and meeting at the Trak-In

Route 30 North in Bomoseen, 8:30 am.  Guest speakers Senator Joe Benning and Rep. Heidi Scheuermann. Please RSVP to:


Sunday, April 7: Effectively Communicating Principles of Freedom” with KCarl Smith

KCarl is an unyielding defender of the constitution and Liberty. Inspired by the guiding principles of the Founding Fathers, and holding fast to the oath taken during service to our country, he launched what is now known as the Liberty MESSENGER.

KCarl captivates and inspires audiences with infectious energy, compassion and satire- with practical solutions for broadening the base of the liberty movement.

With his life-empowering message, KCarl leaves audiences ready for action- action for changing the political landscape of America.

Kcarl recently authored Frederick Douglass Republicans: The Movement to Re-ignite America’s Passion for Liberty.

Upon completion of training, particpants will be able to effectively advocate

  • Respect for the Constitution
  • Respect for Life
  • Belief in Personal Responsibility
  • Belief in Limited Government
  • …..and respond to those who would limit our rights in these areas.

The Country Club of Vermont

2800 Country Club Rd Waterbury, VT 05676

from 12:30 PM to 4:30

Go here to register for the event.