Letters and Events 3 – 28 – 2013

Time to Move On

The Vermont Supreme Court has sent a clear message to those trying to shut down Vermont Yankee with legal action: there is already a process underway to determine whether the plant will continue to operate via the state Public Service Board and the court will not interfere in that process.

This is yet another independent judicial decision that Vermont Yankee meets the rigorous criteria to continue to operate. In addition, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, following an exhaustive process, determined Vermont Yankee is safe and reliable and gave the plant the green light to keep running for another 20 years.

The continuing efforts to close Vermont Yankee are an expensive distraction for the State of Vermont at a time when we face pressing challenges demanding our finite human and financial resources, in energy and other areas. It’s time to move on.

Guy Page
Communications Director
Vermont Energy Partnership
Montpelier, VT


Vermont Yankee and Green Energy

I read about Senator Bernie Sanders’ presentation on global warming and the proposed carbon-reduction legislation in the March 14 Burlington Free Press (“Sanders, McKibben to highlight carbon conference Saturday”). While I support Sen. Sanders’ endeavor to maintain Vermont’s low-carbon leadership status, my question is simple: If we want to reduce Vermont’s carbon footprint, why is the state trying to shut down Vermont Yankee?

Not only does Vermont Yankee benefit the state economically, but it for all intents and purposes has zero carbon emissions. Also, the U.S. Energy Information Administration notes that in 2011 three-quarters of the electricity generated in Vermont came from Vermont Yankee.

If the state does succeed in its efforts to close Vermont Yankee, we will lose our largest electricity generator. At present the plant’s power is sold into the New England transmission grid, from which Vermont draws much of its electricity. Closing Vermont Yankee would just mean more activity from fuel-powered electric generators on the New England grid, creating additional carbon and other toxic airborne emissions.

Sen. Sanders’ goals are important for Vermont and New England, but they will be compromised without the clean energy from Vermont Yankee.

Steve Carlsen
Randy Lane, Burlington, VT




Saturday April 6thCastleton Republicans Spring Breakfast and meeting at the Trak-In

Route 30 North in Bomoseen, 8:30 am.  Guest speakers Senator Joe Benning and Rep. Heidi Scheuermann. Please RSVP to:


Sunday, April 7: Effectively Communicating Principles of Freedom” with KCarl Smith

KCarl is an unyielding defender of the constitution and Liberty. Inspired by the guiding principles of the Founding Fathers, and holding fast to the oath taken during service to our country, he launched what is now known as the Liberty MESSENGER.

KCarl captivates and inspires audiences with infectious energy, compassion and satire- with practical solutions for broadening the base of the liberty movement.

With his life-empowering message, KCarl leaves audiences ready for action- action for changing the political landscape of America.

Kcarl recently authored Frederick Douglass Republicans: The Movement to Re-ignite America’s Passion for Liberty.

Upon completion of training, particpants will be able to effectively advocate

  • Respect for the Constitution
  • Respect for Life
  • Belief in Personal Responsibility
  • Belief in Limited Government
  • …..and respond to those who would limit our rights in these areas.

The Country Club of Vermont
2800 Country Club Rd Waterbury, VT 05676
from 12:30 PM to 4:30
Go here to register for the event.