Liberal media anger: Obama doesn’t appreciate their bias

by Rob Roper

The agreement is pretty much universal that Barack Obama lost his first debate with Mitt Romney big time. What’s even more interesting than the jubilation (and let’s face it, relief) on the Republican side is the reaction on the Left. Particularly by the left wing media.

The most famous tirade, so far, in response to the president’s dismal performance came from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. Matthews seemed incredulous that Obama would lose, and angry at the presidents’ ingratitude for all the work he and his colleagues at MSNBC had done to tee up this election for him. Poor Mr. Matthews seems to have learned the hard way that you can carry a candidate’s water, but you can’t make him drink it.

Bleated Matthews, “This tonight wasn’t an MSNBC debate, was it? It just wasn’t…. I know he likes to say he doesn’t watch cable television, but maybe he should start…. We have our knives out, we go after the people and the facts.”

In other words, we at MSNBC have been making the case for Obama on our network. We’ve been carving up his opponent with knives so the president can win. If that isn’t out and out bias — an admission that the media is just an extension of the Obama campaign — I don’t know what is.

Obama should be watching and paying attention to MSNBC? Sorry, Chris, but if the man won’t sit through his national security briefings at a time when the Middle East is a tinder box and China is launching its first aircraft carrier (bought from the Russians), he’s not going to waste an hour of prime golf time listening to you.

Chris Matthews and the rest of the irate liberal punditry (James Carville, Andrew Sullivan, etc.) are experiencing, perhaps for the first time, the frustrations that conservatives have had in regard to the president for a long time. He is arrogant, disengaged, unprepared, and incompetent.

Unfortunately for the country, these characteristics apply to the job he’d done for three years, not just a debate he lost Wednesday night. Judging by the first polls to come out since the debate – “Romney Moves Into Leads in Florida, Virginia; Tied in Ohio” – a majority of the American people are waking up to that fact.

Now, with the realization that despite all the cover, propping up, and coddling he and the liberal media have showered on this American Idol president for the past three years, Obama could very well lose this race, that thrill going up Chris Matthews’ leg is turning into a well deserved chill up his spine.