by Lawrence Zupan

I have often thought there was something darkly poetic about the presence of the embalmed yet inexorably rotting body of Vladimir

Lenin in the heart of Red Square in the “former” Soviet Union. What a perfect, yet unwitting metaphor for the stench and the rot which this one man had wrought on his entire country through the totalitarian, evil, murderous and bankrupt system of Communism/Socialism.

So imagine my horror as I have watched the self-proclaimed Socialist (read Communist who hasn’t taken out the guns yet) Bernard Sanders who, in the folksy tradition of “Uncle Joe” Stalin, likes to be known simply as “Bernie”, import the destructive methods and principles of socialism to what was once the bedrock self-reliant and independent state of Vermont.

Thus, in his most recent editorial, Bernard of course promotes the same tired solution to our economic problems which have destroyed nations everywhere…RAISE TAXES! Of course, by proposing raising taxes primarily on the rich, the canny little Bolshevik knows he can always rely on class warfare and envy to carry the day…after all it’s always worked so well before.

However I would like to briefly share a current example of success where the alternate approach has been tried:

Consider the canton of Zug, Switzerland as quoted from the S&A Digest: “…within Switzerland, the canton of Zug is the pinnacle of economic freedom. Zug has the highest concentration of U.S. dollar millionaires in Switzerland – nearly 10% of all households, according to Boston Consulting Group.

The highest personal income tax anyone in Zug pays is 22.9%. Companies pay around 15.4%, compared to 35% in the U.S. (second highest in the world).

How have rock-bottom individual and corporate tax rates worked for Zug? The number of companies with operations in Zug increased from 19,000 to 30,000 over the past decade.

The number of jobs in Zug increased 20% in six years. Unemployment in the tiny canton is 1.9%! compared with 9.4% in the U.S. Residential vacancy is at 0 .3%! According to the Wall St. Journal, luxury shops abound, government coffers are flush and there are so many jobs that employers sometimes have a hard time filling them.”

You see, people and money, and the people who have money, go where they are treated best. And once there, they do what productive people everywhere do. They start or expand businesses, create jobs, hire people and pay taxes which support the needs of the public. I mean, why can’t Vermont be like Zug? I’ll tell you it can be.

What you tax shrinks. What you give room to grow, expands and flourishes.

Fellow citizen, which approach do you believe will serve our town, state and country the best? Would it be the politics of more taxation and power to the government bureaucrats like Bernard with businesses and young people fleeing our state in droves, or will it be the welcome mat which says we are open for business…the approach of low taxes and minimal governmental intervention in the lives and businesses of a free citizenry?

Sorry, Bernard, the people are tired of your politics of legalized theft (higher taxation) and exploitation of class envy. We want what works. We’ll take freedom…you can have Vladimir’s tomb and all it stands for.


Lawrence Zupan

Manchester Vermont

One thought on “LIBERTY VS. DEATH

  1. Well said, Lawrence. The politicians, the press and the politicians can preach the virtues of economic egalitarianism all they want, but in the end we have the examples of the Soviet Union, China, No. Korea and many other failed societies which purported to seek equality and prosperity but supplied neither. As you said, you get less of what you tax, which explains the poor economic state Vermont finds itself in.

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