Lieutenant Gov. Phil Scott speaks out about the 2011 legislative session.

by Rob Roper

Phil Scott is not a contentious person by nature. He leads quietly by example, letting his actions speak louder than his words. His instinctively looks for ways to work with people, even (or perhaps especially) across party lines. So, when he does speak out, Scott has more stopping power than E.F. Hutton.

At a press conference held in his office in conjunction with the Republican House Leadership, Scott spoke candidly about what just happened over the past five and a half months in Montpelier. While he was generally full of praise for the civility both sides of the aisle displayed, the ranking Republican lawmaker expressed some concerns.

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In regard to the health care legislation, Scott, as small business owner himself, remarked, “When I hear about the possibility that we will have a base insurance, taxing employers possibly — we don’t know yet, but that is what the Hsiao Report said — and then employees. And then if you need supplemental insurance, well then businesses can go ahead and [pay for] that. That isn’t taking any burden off of businesses that I can see.”

“Businesses are struggling to survive that want to prosper, but can’t,” observed Scott. “They just fear that we’re going to do something to them to drive them out of business.”