Lisman for Vermont opens Lisman Victory Office in Rutland as momentum builds for Bruce Lisman’s candidacy for Governor

Lisma for GovernorCandidate for governor Bruce Lisman and his campaign team celebrated the opening of the Lisman Victory Office in Rutland on Thursday, April 7, 2016, a new addition to the campaign’s infrastructure which will support operations in the southern half of Vermont. 

“We’re excited to open the Lisman Victory Office in Rutland, a response to urgings we’ve received from supporters and volunteers to open an office in this area,” said Shawn Shouldice, campaign manager. “The office will enable area supporters to help out the campaign more effectively, and is also a clear signal to southern Vermont that Bruce is committed to addressing the fragile economy outside of Chittenden County.”

The Rutland office will serve as the campaign’s southern Vermont hub for a range of volunteer efforts including phone call outreach, event coordination and field operations, among other efforts, and is slated to be staffed by volunteers on weekday evenings. 

Ian Clarke, a resident of Killington, is just one of the many volunteers who have signed up to support the campaign’s efforts at its Rutland office.

“I’ve decided to volunteer on the Lisman for Vermont campaign because Bruce has a lot to offer all Vermonters,” said Clarke. “As a college student in Vermont I know career opportunities that would allow me to remain here after I graduate are scarce.  More importantly, we don’t have an environment that fosters entrepreneurship. I think Bruce’s experience will help him to bring in new business and enable entrepreneurs to succeed.”

James Hall of Rutland is another supporter who is volunteering his time to the campaign.

“Quite frankly, the future of this state is a matter of staying solvent or not,” said Hall.  “Bruce has a plan to rescue the state from the gross mismanagement of recent years, and in fact, he is the only candidate who has stated exactly what needs to be done.  Bruce outlined specifics last October.  I see the election of Bruce as Vermont’s salvation from the failed years of the Shumlin Administration.”

Shouldice said momentum is steadily building and opening of the Rutland office as another important step for the campaign.

“The support for Bruce Lisman’s candidacy is growing by the day,” said Shouldice.  “We are very pleased with where we are at in these early stages of the campaign – proof positive that we’d add another field office to our campaign infrastructure.

“Since the formal campaign kickoff last October, Bruce has met with nearly 4,000 Vermonters, attended 117 events, and all 11 gubernatorial forums to date – the only candidate to do so,” Shouldice added.  “Volunteers are signing up every day, our phone bank is active nearly every day of the week, and now we’ve opened a campaign office in Rutland.

“Bruce has worked extremely hard since announcing his intention to run last fall,” said Shouldice. “He’s traveled nearly 17,000 miles to all corners of the state since that time, and has shown that he is committed to fixing the failed Shumlin policies and leading Vermont in a new direction. Vermonters deserve better than what they have been getting, and Bruce Lisman has the management experience to get the job done.”

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