Loopholes Big Enough for a Hearse to Drive Through

The title of this post was taking from a Life News article entitled: “Vermont Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide Has Huge Loopholes”.  This is what the article had to say about the loopholes in the bill:

Smith says the proposed bill allows “a suicidal patient to designate a death doctor she has just met as the ‘attending physician.’”

“As we have seen in Oregon, many assisted suicides are facilitated by doctors the patients first met only weeks before their suicides.  In other words, it opens a whole field of practice that I think should be called Kevorkianism, because the intent isn’t treatment or palliation, but being made dead,” he explains. “These will usually be doctors with close affiliations with assisted suicide advocacy groups, as has happened in Oregon where Compassion and Choices (formerly, the Hemlock Society) facilitates the great majority of assisted suicides.”

The definition of terminal condition is also “loosely defined,” Smith notes, as “an incurable and irreversible disease which would, within reasonable medical judgment, result in death within six months.”

This is something that all Vermonters should keep an eye on.