Louise McCarren elected Chair of Campaign for Vermont

Press Release

Montpelier, VT – Louise McCarren, a Charlotte resident with deep experience in public service and private business, has been elected by the board as the chair of Campaign for Vermont (CFV).

“I’m very excited to have someone of Louise’s talent and experience to lead CFV as we continue to grow,” said Bruce Lisman, co-founder of CFV, Vermont’s largest grassroots public advocacy organization. “I am confident that Louise and the entire Board will successfully lead CFV to achieve significant progress that will surely benefit Vermonters for years to come.”

McCarren has held numerous leadership positions throughout her career, including chair of the Vermont Public Service Board, commissioner of the Vermont Department of Public Service, Vermont state president for Verizon, and, most recently, CEO of the Western Electricity Coordinating Council.

Louise is a great leader who understands jobs, the economy and the Vermont landscape,” said George Clain, a new CFV board member and former head of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local #300. “I’m eager to work with her and our expanded board to continue to address issues and promote solutions that improve the economy for Vermont workers and their families.”

McCarren, a 40-year resident of Vermont, has been active on numerous boards and commissions. Most recently, she was a member of the Governor’s Commission on Energy Siting, and is currently a member of the Vermont Telecommunications Authority Board.

“I’m honored that the board has chosen me to lead the organization in its next phase, as we hire staff, grow our grassroots network and develop as a strong advocacy group,” said McCarren. “What makes CFV special are the diverse members that make up the organization and their shared goal of improving Vermont’s economic foundation for current and future generations.

“I am privileged and excited to further the mission and work of co-founder Bruce Lisman,” said McCarren. “Bruce’s hard work, commitment and generosity both to CFV and to solving Vermont’s challenges are invaluable. His contributions to help make Vermont a better place – a place where every Vermonter can be economically secure and prosper – are admirable and I hope to do my best to carry on what Bruce has started.”

The board also elected Mary Alice McKenzie as vice-chair and secretary, and Tom Pelham as treasurer. McKenzie is executive director of the Boys and Girls Club of Burlington. Pelham is a former finance commissioner in the Dean administration, tax commissioner in the Douglas administration and state representative who was elected as an independent and served on the Appropriations Committee.

“CFV is positioned better than ever before to influence real, positive change for Vermont primarily because our enthusiastic partners have played a major role in shaping our policy statements and solutions,” said Lisman. “CFV is made up of a broad array of Vermonters who have put differences aside and come together to help improve our state as whole. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our partners, as well as our expanded Board of Directors who are eager to get to work. I am so very appreciative of our roots but am also excited for what the future holds for this great organization.”

Campaign for Vermont, a 501c(4) organization, advocates public policy changes to improve Vermont’s economic landscape to one of shared prosperity by reconnecting middle-class Vermonters to their government. To lend your name as a partner or for more information about Campaign for Vermont, visit the website at www.campaignforvermont.org.

Campaign for Vermont Officer Biographies

Louise McCarren, Charlotte
Ms. McCarren, an attorney by training, has held numerous positions in government and the private sector, with a concentration in regulated industries. She was both the Chair of the Vermont Public Service Board and, later, the Commissioner of Public Service. She was the Vermont State President for Verizon, Vermont and most recently the CEO of the Western Electricity Coordinating Council a company responsible for the reliability of the Western Power Grid. She has been a resident of Vermont for forty years and active in numerous boards and commissions. Most recently she was a member of the Governor’s Commission on Energy Siting and is a member of the Vermont Telecommunication Authority Board.

Mary Alice McKenzie, Burlington
Ms. McKenzie is the Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Burlington. She has served as President and CEO of McKenzie of Vermont, General Counsel for Vermont State Colleges and as a member of the boards of Central Vermont Public Service Corporation, Vermont Electric Power Company, Associated Industries of Vermont and Vermont Energy Partnership. Ms. McKenzie is also a current member of the Board of Directors of the Northfield Savings Bank.

Tom Pelham, Berlin
Mr. Pelham, a native of Arlington, VT, previously served as Vermont’s Deputy Secretary of Administration until his retirement in 2011. Prior to holding this position, he served as Tax Commissioner for Governor Jim Douglas from 2003 to 2009, as Commissioner of Finance and Management under Governor Howard Dean in the 1990’s and as Commissioner of Housing in the Snelling Administration. Mr. Pelham, who is also a past member of the Vermont House of Representatives, holds a B.A. from Tufts University and a Master’s Degree from Harvard University.