Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman chats with elementary school students

This article by Derek Carson originally appeared Dec. 4 in the Bennington Banner.

BENNINGTON — Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman spent several hours on Monday taking questions from local students about his years in the legislature, healthy eating, and his family farm.

Zuckerman visited with three grades at Molly Stark Elementary and two third grade classes at Bennington Elementary. While he explained to the students briefly about what the lieutenant governor does, most of his time was spent talking about his other love: farming. He owns and operates Full Moon Farm in Hinesburg with his spouse, Rachel Nevitt, and raises chickens, pigs, and angora rabbits, along with over 20 acres of crops.

“You get to be outside all day, which is one of the things I like most about farming,” he told students at Molly Stark. “As lieutenant governor, I have to be inside a lot… I love to breathe the fresh air and be in touch with the Earth.”

However, when students asked him which job he liked better, he couldn’t decide. “To be lieutenant governor is really an incredible honor,” he said, adding that the students’ parents had put a lot of faith in him when they elected him. “People work really hard for their money, so we need to make sure that we’re using it responsibly, to take care of roads, to keep water clean, and to make sure our schools stay open.”

Zuckerman said in between groups of students that one of his favorite parts of being lieutenant governor was traveling around the state and hearing people’s ideas. Children, he said, were one of the most enjoyable groups to talk with because of their natural curiosity. “I think we tend to lose our curiosity and our willingness to explore new ideas as we get older,” he said.

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  1. Did he also tell the children that his raison d’etre was to promote the legalization of marijuana?

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