Majority of French people think Islam is incompatible with French culture

By Gabrielle Okun

A recent survey shows the majority of French people believe Muslim immigrants are not willing to assimilate into French culture, The Local reported Tuesday.

The Ipsos Institute’s research shows that 65 percent of people believe there are issues with the Muslim population currently in France.

Approximately 92 percent of Catholics and 81 percent of Jews think Islam is incompatible with French society in 2017. Back in January 2015, 66 percent of French people thought Islam was a religion of peace, the number dropped to 54 percent in June 2017.

In comparison, 46 percent of French people now see Islam as a threat to French culture, compared to 33 percent of French people in January 2015. In addition, 60 percent of French people agree with the statement that, “Today I no longer feel at home like I did before,” in response to the amount of immigrants currently living in France.

France has one of the largest Muslim populations in France,coming in at 4.7 million Muslims, Pew research reported in 2016.

France has suffered many terrorist attacks by Islamic militants since 2012. The country has been in a state of emergency since the Paris Attacks in November 2015.

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