Manchester Selectboard eyes plastic bag ban

This article by Greg Sukiennik originally appeared Sept. 13 in the Manchester Journal.

MANCHESTER — The Selectboard stopped short of embracing a town ban on single-use plastic bags on Tuesday night, but showed interest in prompting the Legislature to pass a state-wide ban.

Board members asked Carl Bucholt, representing the local environmental advocacy group Earth Matters, to work with town manager John O’Keefe in crafting a resolution from the board to both houses of the Legislature and Gov. Phil Scott calling for a statewide single-use plastic bag ban.

The board plans to take up that resolution at its next meeting, on Sept. 25.

Earth Matters has been calling for a single-use bag ban, mirroring one enacted in Brattleboro in July. Several communities in nearby Berkshire County, Mass., have already banned single-use bags.

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2 thoughts on “Manchester Selectboard eyes plastic bag ban

  1. I think I need clarity on what the selectboard considered a “SINGLE use plastic bag”. If they are talking about the plastic bags groceries or other purchased goods are packed in, then, in my definition, the “single use” part should be elimiated. I love the plastic bags and they never are used only “once” in my household. In fact, I often use, wash, dry and resue them multiple time until they disintegrate from OVEr use. Collecting veggies from the garden, eggs from the coop, or clearing the yard of dog “p–p”, my plastic bags are never used once. Wrap up your fresh baked bread, stuff them in boots for summer storage, clean your tools, wrap up a soggy bathing suit, scrub a tub, line a litter can, line a litter box! My grandmother used to make braided rugs with bread bags, and grocery bags work just as well. The things are invaluable. Just because you don’t know how to use it yourself, does not make it “single use” for the rest of us.

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