Manchester Village Board of Trustees hears complaints on tax rate

This article by Greg Sukiennik originally appeared Sept. 13 in the Manchester Journal.

MANCHESTER — Residents concerned by the 35 percent increase in property taxes assessed by the Manchester Village Board of Trustees for fiscal 2019 made their voices heard at the Trustees’ meeting on Monday afternoon at the old county courthouse.

While no changes were made to the budget, there were explanations given by the five-member board about the reasons taxes went up sharply.

Board president Brian Knight, responding to the criticism, said the main reason for the hike was a pair of street projects that had to be done this year. The board had put off those projects for years in the interest of putting off a tax hike, he said, but the work could not longer be delayed.

“For three years we pushed it forward, and we finally ran out of time,” he said. “The goal is not to increase taxes, but we couldn’t delay it any more.”

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