Mark Donka to Rep. Peter Welch: Benghazi is about more than just politics

by Mark Donka

I was appalled that Vermont Congressman Peter Welch would make the following statement regarding the Americans murdered in Benghazi.

“It’s politics,” said Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., a member of the Oversight panel.

“If it’s a fair-minded question of what we could do better (on security), that would benefit us all. But if it’s intended to embarrass the president or perhaps Hillary Clinton then it will be damaging no matter who the next secretary of state is or who the next president is,” Welch added.

I can not believe that Congressman Welch is more concerned that if the truth comes out on the Benghazi murders that it could be “damaging to the next Secretary of State or President. What about the truth? Finding out the truth as to what happened in Benghazi is more important than “It’s politics” as Representative Welch stated. How damaging was it to the loved ones of the murdered Americans? I am sure their lives have been changed forever.

Just this past December Hilary Clinton blew up during her hearing saying “What difference does it make?” Then President Obama’s press Secretary Jay Carney said “Benghazi happened a long time ago.” I don’t consider 8 months a long time ago. I wonder if the families of the Americans murdered think their deaths were a long time ago? Do you think the families are thinking “What difference does it make”?

Are our elected and appointed officials more concerned with avoiding embarrassment than learning the truth?

Congressman Welch, why are you more concerned with your popularity than the deaths of three Americans? We are talking about the administration trying to avoid responsibility for the actions that lead to the death of an American ambassador and his staff. Aren’t you concerned as to what actually happened? Vermonters are asking for the truth and we deserve that from our Representatives, not talking points to protect the Administration. Why have the American people been kept in the dark? We demand the truth, not more of your “just politics”.

Mark Donka was a candidate for Vermont’s U.S. House seat in 2012

3 thoughts on “Mark Donka to Rep. Peter Welch: Benghazi is about more than just politics

  1. Well said Mark. I think it’s time we held our “elected representatives” accountable. Eight months was not that long ago and it matters. Donka for Congress in 2014.

  2. Congressman Welch claiming it is only about politics tells me that he does not deem it important to investigate what exactly went on with the Benghazi attack. I wonder why, could it have to do with a Democratic administration/State Department.

    Of course, the Democrats are providing cover for their administration. Why? Because to them it is not about national security, but politics!

    They are the ones not wanting to investigate – mostly for political reasons.

  3. Mark, This needed saying. Thank you for not letting Cong. Welch’s remark go unchallenged.

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