Marlboro College commencement tainted by jeers over student’s political beliefs

This article by Chris Mays originally appeared May 13 in the Brattleboro Reformer.

MARLBORO — The divisive state of the country mentioned by speakers at the Marlboro College commencement ceremony Sunday played out in real time after one of the graduating students was booed for what appeared to be political beliefs.

The student walked on stage to accept his degree when jeering came from the back of the building. The student’s grandmother walked on stage later, just as the recessional music was set to begin.

Marlboro College

Marlboro College’s 71st commencement was the first in college board Chairman Richard H. Saudek’s recent memory to not include snow on the ground.

“I would like to suggest that Marlboro College is progressive only in name, not in behavior,” she said. “It is a disgusting display to hear people in this audience boo.”

The grandmother said the school should strive to be diverse not only in race and sexual orientations but also in beliefs and debate of ideas. A student from the school also had come to the podium uninvited earlier in the ceremony to say the boo was inappropriate and inconsistent with the college’s values.

College President Kevin Quigley told the Reformer he did not recognize the person who made a loud boo from the back of the auditorium but later learned it was a former student. He said the individual had fled before the school’s chief of security could locate him and conferring of the degrees continued.

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5 thoughts on “Marlboro College commencement tainted by jeers over student’s political beliefs

  1. “We believe we’ve taken many steps”? How about substituting a slap on the wrist to expulsion? If a student has a problem with the college, it’s not the college’s fault. The student should either ship up or ship out. It’s not complicated. Part of the educational process is to teach early in life that actions have consequences.

  2. “I would like to suggest that Marlboro College is progressive only in name, not in behavior” – Inane vocalized rejection of anyone or anything with which they disagree is virtually the hallmark of the Progressives. They are, indeed, the Fascists they rail against insofar as they protest, intimidate and riot to prevent the voicing of any position they do not themselves hold and demonize whomsoever voices disagreement. The ANTIFA, black shirts and all, are the rebirth of Mussolini’s Camicie Neri.

  3. I can only hope the “students” assaults go on their resumes for seeking jobs. When read, employers can evaluate their mental capacity. Being in business 26 years, I’d tell them go sell pencils and get a taste of the real world. I wouldn’t want trouble from them being “educated” in Liberal-Socialists ways. They would demand too much with little work output.

  4. A classic example of how colleges, today, pump out incredibly uneducated students. These dopes, no doubt, have their degrees in silly things like Women’s Studies; Diversity; Ethnic Studies, Under Water Basket Weaving. You know! Studies that will really change their lives. The kind of studies Democrats want the American taxpayer to foot for free. And they walk away, degree in hand, qualified for flipping burgers. Way to go.

    • You forgot Ancient Greek philosophy. That’s what mine is in, and I’ve learned a lot, like “yuz want fries wid dat?. I’m available for hire if you’re looking for someone with my incredible knowledge and edumicathun.

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