Marlboro College eyeing financial, enrollment woes

This article by Bob Audette originally appeared March 21 in the Brattleboro Reformer.

BRATTLEBORO — Marlboro College expects an operating deficit this year of $3 million to $4 million, according to college President Kevin Quigley.

But Quigley, who has been president of the college since 2015, said the shortfall was expected.

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Marlboro College dining hall and Mather administration offices

“This shouldn’t be a surprise. I have been quite candid with our community about this structural deficit ,” he said.

Since 2005, when undergraduate enrollment peaked at 356, said Quigley, it has fallen to approximately 170 this year.

Marlboro College is not unique in this quandary, said Quigley.

“We are living in really turbulent times,” he said. “There are challenges across the United States affecting higher education, especially small liberal arts colleges like ours.”

While Marlboro College’s enrollment is down, said Quigley, it has a very strong endowment per capita that is healthy and has been covering the college’s deficits. “Our endowment has performed remarkably well historically.”

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3 thoughts on “Marlboro College eyeing financial, enrollment woes

  1. What makes you think they’re being defrauded? Not a chance! They’re taking the very courses that they WANT to take, such as “Keeping up with the Kardashians” or “Beyonce and beyond”. Most opted out of math courses in high school, chem, nah, and physics is nothing more than math so just what are they going to take in the Higher Institutions of Lower Learning. Western Civ?

    They believe they’re going to become famous with YouTube and with what passes for music. Others know they’re going to the NBA or the NFL immediately and get that bling fast. Expect to see Marlboro in the Final Four next year.

    Sho’ Nuf!

  2. What passes for “education” today is nothing of the sort, and what calls itself “academia” is really just a venal trade guild packed with mediocrities desperately trying to keep fooling people into forking over $60,000 a year – usually obtained via ruinous borrowing that ties a financial anchor around the defrauded grads’ necks for the rest of their lives. Academia’s product is largely garbage – gender studies, twisted history, and pointless sociology spin-offs like communications and political science.
    Yeah, we need more students studying politics ….

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