Mayor forced to quit job after calling out BLM violence

By Amber Randall

A California mayor quit his job Sunday after people grew outraged over a Facebook post he wrote blaming Black Lives Matter for various police officer killings.

Piedmont Mayor Jeff Wieler apologized for his Facebook posts, which were unearthed by a resident who read them out loud during a city council meeting last week, reports SF Gate.

“I’m not sure people understand that I want to put this embarrassing and painful episode behind me, and regain some respect. I apologize deeply for the pain I’ve caused. I’ve learned a great deal from this, and experience can be a painful teacher. Going forward, I will restrict my Facebook posts to pictures of our pets and vacation pictures. Fortunately, I’ve never tweeted!” Wieler wrote in his Facebook post.

Citizen Conna McCarthy read Wieler’s Facebook posts during a city council meeting Aug. 21. Wieler’s posts included accusing Black Lives Matter of encouraging cop killings and referring to transgender people as “mentally ill.” Another post said that Democrats were the  “plantation slave masters of today.”

“I began receiving emails from constituents approximately every 10 or 15 minutes, the vast majority of which were calling for his replacement as mayor,” Piedmont City Councilmember Tim Rood said.

The council set a meeting for Monday to discuss whether to fire Wieler, but he resigned before they could do so.

“After a quarter century of volunteering for Piedmont in various roles, I regret the impact this has had upon the City I love and the men and women in the staff who do such a find job for our citizens. My thanks to them and you for the support I have been shown throughout my time on the City Council and as Mayor,” Wieler wrote.

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2 thoughts on “Mayor forced to quit job after calling out BLM violence

  1. Where are the Democrats calling out these terrorist groups? Leahy??? Sanders??? Welch??? Pelosi?? Schumer??? They won’t call them out because THEY AGREE WITH THEM!! These Democrats are the very reason Antifa and Black Lives Matter exist. Notice how the cop killing BLMers were invited to Obama’s White House? Notice how Clinton refused to have police in uniform at her rallies ‘so as not to offend’? Don’t count on any Democrat denouncing these riots and coming war. THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE!

  2. If something cannot continue, it won’t. Believe that. We’re going to have another civil war; the last one ended with the surrender of one side. This one will end with one side dead, all of them. Last man standing will raise the flag of whatever America will be.

    This isn’t GOP v. Dems. Ideological wars only have winners and deceased.You’re getting a whiff of it with how the Left deal with protests.

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