Meet the Vermont Worker’s Center

The Vermont Workers Center (VWC), founded in 1996, is a tax-exempt nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that is “… dedicated to organizing for workers’ rights and living wages for all Vermonters”. In the Fall of 2001, the Workers’ Center affiliated with the national organization called Jobs With Justice and affiliated with another alliance of grassroots groups called the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance in the summer of 2005.  They no longer file their own 990 forms, but now file as the Vermont affiliate of Jobs With Justice.  Jobs With Justice has its headquarters in Washington DC and has affiliates “… in more than 40 cities in 25 states across the country”.  The Grassroots Global Justice Alliance is located in San Pedro, CA. and is a “… broad national alliance with a founding core of 40 local, regional and national organizations”.

VWC has an office in Burlington, and reports total assets of $102,917 (2009). Its three staff employees are James Haslam,
Kate Kanelstein and Bekah Mandell.  Their 9 person Coordinating Committee is made up of the following people: Peg Franzen, 
Amy Lester, 
Heather Pipino,
Chris Guros,
David Kreindler, FaRied Munarsyah, McGrath, Susan Lucas and Traven Leyshon.


VWC Revenues 2007-2009

Vermont affiliate of




     Jobs With Justice      $129,044       $171,627


From 2003 to 2009 they got 12 grants totaling $190,000, every penny of it comes from out of state.  These grants included:

  • FIDELITY INVESTMENTS CHARITABLE GIFT FUND of Cincinnati Ohio: $75,000 from 2007 to 2008.
  • The ABELARD FOUNDATION INC. of Lincoln Massachusetts: $30,000 from 2003 to 2005
  • COMMON STREAM INC of Boston: $25,000 in 2005
  • HAYMARKET PEOPLE’S FUND of Boston: $18,000 from 2008 to 2009.

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  1. The snippet quoted above does not do justice to the organization’s mission statement.

    The Vermont Workersʼ Center is a democratic, member-run organization dedicated to organizing for workersʼ rights and living wages for all Vermonters. We seek an economically just and democratic Vermont in which all residents have living wages, decent health care, childcare, housing and transportation. We work to build a democratic, diverse movement of working Vermonters that is locally focused and coordinated on a statewide basis. We work with organized labor in moving towards economic justice and in strengthening the right to organize. We are committed to taking action on the full range of issues of concern to working people and to building alliances nationally and internationally.

    By “working people” we mean not just those who are currently employed, but also the unemployed, retirees, people with disabilities, people doing unwaged care work in the home and all others who are not part of the employing class — in other words: the vast majority of Vermonters.

    To make a donation to the Vermont Workers’ Center — and raise the proportion of its funding that comes from individual Vermonters instead of out-of-state foundations — visit and click on the “Contribute!” link.

    For other ways to get involved, visit .

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